• Booking may not be made by or in the name of any persons under eighteen years of age.
  • Any eighteenth birthday parties celebrated at Amar Hall shall be managed by the parents throughout the whole evening, if parents leave then the deposit shall be kept without any prior notice to the person stated on the booking form.
  •  The hirer shall be responsible to maintain that no intoxicating liquor purchased from the bar is to be taken off the premises; it is purchased to be drunk within the licensed premises.
  • The management or their staff holds the right to refuse any persons attempting to buy intoxicating liquor with bad behavior or without sufficient proof of age.
  • 4A No intoxicating liquor or soft beverages are allowed on the premises that have been purchased outside the licensed premises known as Amar Hall, without prior consent given from the management in writing. If the hirer or its guests are seen NOT to be complying with these regulations the hirer stands to lose their deposit and possibly cancel the event booking. If any person is seen to be entering an off License and buying alcohol, they may not be allowed back on to the premise.
  • 4B If the management allows the hirer to bring their own drinks onto the premises a surcharge per bottle/can apply.
  •  Hiring charges shall be those from time to time determined by the management. In relation to a specific booking, the charges shall be those ruling at the date of use.
    B The balance of the charges is payable not later than 28 days before the date of hire. The fixed charge of
    £100.00 is only refundable provided that there is no damage to the property or to its contents, provided that the
    premises are vacated as per the time on the booking form and the premises need to be left clean and tidy in order
    to be entitled to the refund or as 4a above.
    C If any equipment is left on-site either by the person stated on the booking form or its contractors then the
    the whole of the refundable deposit shall be kept by the management.
  • Cancellation by the hirer within 56 days of the date due shall incur the forfeiture of the total hire charge.
  • B Management reserve the right on giving the notice to cancel any bookings in the event of the premises being required for an emergency without incurring liability other than the return of the hirer’s prepaid charges.
  • 7A The hirer shall be responsible for the laying out of all furniture and/or equipment and shall vacate the premises with everything left as found promptly at the end of the hire period which will be 0000hrs unless previously stated. If the hirer fails to do so then an additional charge of not less than £50.00 (minimum) shall apply. The hirer is also responsible for ensuring that the furniture is all put back at the end of the event.
    B Animals shall not be introduced into the hired premises unless stated as being part of the purpose of the hire approved in writing by the management, except guide dogs (written consent would be needed).
    C The hirer shall be responsible for the compliance with Fire and Safety Regulations applicable to the hired terms. The use of lighted candles in bottles is banned on the premises.
    D The hirer shall be responsible for the effective supervision of the arrangements and activities on the premises during the period of hire and for the prevention of disorderly behavior so as to ensure that nuisance or annoyance arises to local residents.
    E Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions the hirer shall not on any account introduce or allow to be introduced into the hired premises any gas cylinders, containers or noxious substances, machinery or equipment of any kind which constitute a fire or safety hazard. If gas canisters are bought onto the premises with consent, the hirer shall be responsible for taking them off-site with them. NO gas canisters are to be left at the premises or in the bins provided by Amar Hall.
    F The hirer shall be responsible for the compliance for all persons under his control with the regulations and instructions from time to time in force governing the use of the premises, their environs and equipment.
  • The management has the right of entry and inspection of the premises at any one time.
  • 9A The hirer agrees to accept, subject to the provisions of Unfair Contract Terms 1977, full responsibility for and to indemnify the management against all costs, charges and claims in respect of injury to any persons whether using the premises present during or in connection with the letting.
    B The hirer agrees to indemnify the management against all costs, charges, and claims in respect of any moneys or goods deposited or left on the premises by the hirer or on his behalf before, during or after the period of letting.
    C The hirer agrees to defray the costs of making good any damage caused to the premises, furniture, goods, apparatus or appliances either of the management or of any other person or persons during the period of, or arising in connection with the letting.
  • The management has the necessary buildings and public liability insurance for the premises for which the appropriate certificate is displayed on the premises.
  • The management reserves the right at their absolute discretion to refuse a booking if they consider it to be against the interest of local residents or the public at large.
  • The hirer is to ensure that the floor throughout the hall, kitchen and toilet area is swept at the end of the event.
    If the hirer has been given a key to the premises, it is their duty to ensure that it is returned to the bar manager or a member of the Amar Hall team locking up the hall at the end of the event.
  • Any door supervisors provided by Amar Hall shall be SIA registered and in compliance with local authority regulations. B- Door security is compulsory for 18th and 21st birthday parties. Other events can request door security at an additional charge.
  • Deposits shall be cashed immediately in order to secure the booking.
  • The hirer is aware that once they complete an online booking enquiry or booking form (via email or paper), they shall automatically be added to the Amar Hall Newsletter system. The client does have the option to unsubscribe to the Amar Hall newsletter.
  • Payments for bookings and services provided by Amar Hall can be made by cash, cheque or debit card. Credit card payments shall incur an additional 3% charge. Cheques need to be made payable to Amar Hall.
  • If the hall is being hired for a charity event, a document of the charities name and charity registration number must be supplied.
  • The hirer agrees to receive regular updates on Amar Hall news/offers and promotions etc.
  • Fundraising/charity events: For individuals or organizations hiring Amar Hall a payment (in addition to the deposit) shall be taken, which WILL be refunded in full if an agreed figure (written on the booking form) of bar sales is reached. Any money shall ONLY be refunded to the hirer once Amar Hall management have been sent a copy of an official document stating the amount of money raised for the charity.
  • As part of our commitment to the environment, we accept a printed name on the electronic booking form as evidence of booking.
  • Any prices quoted for the Hall are based on a standard access time of 5 pm up to midnight with the bar closing at 11:30 pm.
  • Car Parking, Amar Hall does not have its own carpark but does have the benefit of Pay & Display carparks within 1 min. walk from the hall. These are on Overy Street and Darenth Road – information on these is available at https://www.amarhall.com/other-services/car-parking/index.htm DO NOT PARK ON MOUNT PLEASANT ROAD – THIS IS PERMIT HOLDERS ONLY!
  • Promotional offers for Hall Hire – depending upon the offer running at the time a deposit against a minimum bar spend shall be required. If the bar spend is not met on the night, then the client is required to make up the difference.
  • If the management feels that SIA registered door security is required an additional fee shall need to be paid by the hirer at the time of booking.
  • Offers running are NOT applicable for Christmas Eve or New Year Eve events.
  • Cleaning shall be charged at a minimum of £40 for any bookings taken with the promotional offer.
  • Any bookings taken with promotion’s will give the hirer access to the venue from 6 pm to midnight, additional hours are subject to charges.
  • The above points (all of no. 24) are added to the standard terms and conditions of hire.