Sweet 16 Function Hall Hire Dartford


Your child turning 16 is a moment in their life that they should never forget. It is one of the many landmarks throughout their childhood that will stay with them forever and one sure fire way to ensure the night is unforgettable is hiring out a function room for your son or daughters sweet 16! Amar Hall has proven popular for sweet 16 parties in recent year due to its great location, good size hall capacity and friendly staff.

Amar Hall can cater for around 100 to 150 guests during your child’s sweet 16th birthday party with an ample amount of tables and chair to accommodate for the numbers. The function hall has a large stage area which in the past has been used as a DJ set up, a dance stage and a great location to house a live band. Amar Hall can provide you and your other sweet 16 party organisers a large list of Dartford based services which will guarantee your son or daughter will be thanking you for the BEST sweet 16 ever – these include a variety of buffet specialists, DJ’s decorators and fun casino.

Amar Hall also has great links with ice sculptures at industry leading prices – ice sculptures of a name, the number 16 or a birthday cake have gone down a storm in previous sweet 16 birthday parties at Amar Hall!

There is no need to worry about parking at the hall as there are plenty of car parks opposite Amar Hall which is free to park in after half-past six. Amar Hall does ask that parents of the birthday girl or boy are on-site at all times. The bar will remain closed; however, parents are more than welcome to bring in a variety of drinks for the occasion.

For more details on Sweet 16 Function Hall Hire Dartford, please contact a member of the customer service team.