Pre Paid Drinks at Amar hall


The Amar Hall is always working on new ways to benefit others and attract new customers and welcome our regulars effectively, we have decided to introduce a new deal.

For a small cost of 30.00GBP each, the individual is entitled to unlimited drinks all night. To be blessed with this advantage it is essential that you purchase the ticket in advance; funds need to be cleared two days before the event and you can not purchase this deal on the night. For this deal to run, it is required for at least 50 people to purchase this deal for it to be possible for us to allow unlimited drinks all night for 30.00GBP – so tell your friends!

A deal like this is suitable for all events, 18th and 21st birthdays in particular as it shall be money well spent, it’s a brilliant way to have a cash-free night! For events such as parties, as the host you either need to inform your guests that they need to contact the Amar Hall staff to pay your 30GBP in advance individually, or as the host you must collect the money and names from your guests who wish to accept this deal, and give it to the Amar Hall bookings team.

How does it work?

The hirer/event organiser can either collect the money from all 50 people in advance or the 50 people can each contact our office with payment.
Payment from each person is ONLY taken once we have a minimum of 30 names and contact numbers for payment.
Once we have paid the individual person is given a wrist band on the night which entitles them to unlimited drinks from the bar from 7.30pm to 11.30pm.
Each person is only allowed one drink at a time, no doubles and no shots.

What’s the next step?

Simply contact a member of the Amar Hall bookings team either via email or by phone on 01322 28 7008.