The Amar hall in Dartford is the perfect place to host parties and events for all ages; the Amar hall is situated in a highly accessible area in the town of Dartford Kent. Transport such as busses, trains and taxis are available locally so the location is perfect! Within the Amar hall there is a bar which can be used or hired for the event, and the bar will remain open until late (optional) and both alcoholic and soft drinks are available, particular beverages will be available on request if made in advance.

Purchases from the bar are available from the start of the event until the finish, providing the consumer has correct ID if necessary, meaning guests of all ages will be satisfied all night long. The Amar hall is a perfect size for an 18th party and because of the spacious area available; the hosts of the party will be able to purchase extras such as a DJ, strobe lights, security on the door and catering. These elements are four particularly important things which would make a special birthday such as an 18th exceptional and with the contribution of these elements hosted at the Amar hall with individual guests such as family and friends, the event will prove perfect.

To hire the hall out for a party, it is required to book in advance to ensure that you are guaranteed the required booking for your event, and the hire of catering is also available through the Amar hall. Extras such as a DJ, strobe lights and security will have to be booked and set up separately. If lights and music are arranged then these elements will complement the dance floor meaning all of the guests have the opportunity to dance all night long to celebrate the event in style, adding to this style and elegance the Amar hall has links with limousine hire to transport you to and from your event if requested.

For further information and any additional requirements please contact a member of our bookings team.

This great piece of information was provided for you by Ellie Watson – Dartford

When planning the ideal 18th birthday party in Dartford, other key points you may wish to consider are:-

Fun Casino entertainment – Free drinks all night voucher – Night Club entry (after party) – Specialist cocktails (named after the birthday boy/girl)