Parking at Amar Hall


Located almost in central Dartford, Amar Hall has lots of available parking spaces nearby. The closest parking spaces are along Darenth Road or along Overy Street Dartford. Both of these are within a few minutes walk for the function hall.

Dartford train station and all of the bus links are also within minutes of Amar Hall. These bus links include the London Red buses, Fast Track and the local Arriva bus routes.

For further information on parking and or attending events at Amar Hall, please contact a member of our customer services team.

If you need to view a Map of the location of Amar Hall and where the nearest parking is to the hall, please view the map.

At the end of your event, you can always take advantage of Dartford’s ‘Grab a Cab’ service which operates from opposite the Dartford Library (5 mins walk from Amar Hall), or if you like you can always book a cab earlier in the day for your collection after the party.