Amar Hall Supporting Charity


Amar Hall is in the heart of Dartford, home to hundreds of community events each year we feel privileged to be in a position where we can support the Mayor of Dartford in assisting him to and from functions. Various team members from Amar Hall shall be driving the Mayor to functions in his car and we are proud to be part of the Mayor of Dartford’s network to groups who shall be assisting Cllr. Avtar Sandhu whilst he is in office.

In a drive to raise as much money as possible for the Mayor of Dartford’s charities we shall also be supporting Cllr. Sandhu’s charities by hosting events in our venues, ensuring that these events can be hosted with as little cost to the fundraising scheme as possible. Once again, we feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to help those in need through Cllr. Sandhu, and wish all the best for the charities that we are supporting in doing this.

For more information on how Amar Hall is helping Mayor Avtar Sandhu MBE, simply contact a member of our team.