When planning your 21st birthday it’s important to get things right. Due to the fact that this could be the first proper party which you are organising, it’s extremely important to pay attention to every fine detail. Items that been bought to our attention whilst within the hospitality industry are- Venue for the event, the correct music/entertainment, catering requirements, door security, bar requirements for the event.

Birthday party hall hire Dartford

21st birthday parties are generally events which are attended by close friends and some family, bearing this in mind this it’s important to have things in place for everyone.

The venue needs to be central, clean easy to decorate and flexible with their times for setting up prior to the event.

Music for the event is also something which requires an amount of planning. Although you (the event planner, 21st birthday boy/girl) may love R & B, Garage or similar music, don’t forget your guests who may have a different taste in music. It’s the music what brings the party to life, if you get this wrong, the consequences could well be catastrophic.

After most events at Amar Hal, we find that some friends and family wish to go onto other venues after that party at our hall is over. These venues include Dartford very famous Air & Breathe night club in the town centre.

For 21st birthdays, we always ask people to keep the catering simple. Again based upon our experience no one really comes to a 21st at Amar Hall expecting a 3-course meal. In view of this, we always suggest a simple finger buffet consisting of sausage rolls, sandwiches and some general simple snacks. Over the years we have had so many events where hundreds of pounds worth of food have gone to waste. In the current financial climate and generally on the whole, why waste food when a small buffet which can easily be prepared at home can do the job? However if you feel that you id like to pass the catering onto a catering company, simply contact our office and we can put you in touch with local caterers who shall be more than happy to help you.

 At Amar Hall, we try and include our SIA registered door security for most events including 21st birthday parties. The security is a simple, professional and extremely affect full way of hosting a party. As well as our staff being SIA registered, they are also checked/registered with Dartford Borough Council and linked with Dartford Towns CCTV Camera operators. This allows our door security to be prepared for most events which may happen within the town centre but could have an effect of Amar Hall.

These are just some simple points which we’d like to share with you to make your event a success.  If you are looking to hire Amar Hall Dartford for your birthday party, please contact our team at Amar Hall.